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Nov 27, 2012

GV's New Multiplex @ City Square : Movie Screening of Twilight Breaking Dawn II



Now to the Movie Review of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II:


Would personally rate it 6/10 stars.

I know everyone's going gaga over this movie. 
But I personally felt that, beside the fighting scenes, the whole entire movie was pretty absurd.
(Sorry to offend any Twilight fans here yo. No hard feelings intended.)

It's actually super weird how Jacob actually takes care of his "ex-crush" daughter.
Furthermore to the fact he's a werewolf, natural enemy of the cold blooded. 
To make things worse, he marked the child (as his future partner).
Awkward much?

And worse!! MY FAV CHARACTER (Edward's Dad) WAS THE FIRST TO "DIE"!! 
There were so few scenes of him, so sad!! :(

Also, Bella unknowingly becoming the strongest member in the family made it
And seeing Edward so "unmanly" (because he has to be protected by Bella) made it really turn off.
I mean, Edward in the first eps was so made to protect her from the car, then now he become like so weak in front of Bella. So.....weird.

I'm sorry. Just not to my liking.

But !!

The fighting scene were really great. Really made you hold your breathe and really tensed up!
The graphics were really good and humour was included in many parts of the movie!
(Esp the part where Jacob stripped, lol!)

So, yes. 
Here's my not so good review of Twilight's newest movie, Breaking Dawn Part II.

You might beg to differ but as I said, different people have different preference.
But I would say, it's a good movie to catch after all, with your loved ones :)


So....head down to the new GV at City Square right now!! :)

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